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Photo Editor

Reporter Magazine is a student-run, awarding-winning publication at the Rochester Institute of Technology. As photo editor, I managed a team of 20 photographers - assigning, editing, and mentoring the students as they produced work for the monthly print edition, as well as a daily online site and weekly podcast.

I collaborated with the art director to conceive cover art and advance the visual language of the magazine. I also worked with the word editors to help decide what kind of visuals an article needs.



Deaf and Blind

Role: Photo Editor and Photographer

For a story about the DeafBlind community at our school, I assigned myself to be the photographer- not only to have close control on this sensitive subject, but also in the hopes of setting an example to my staff on how to produce a story out of something not as visual.

To be accessible to the DeafBlind community, we had to make sure that we used large and clear text with nothing too visually complex.


Role: Photo Editor

The photo-illustration is an exercise in collaborating with photographers and illustrators to make one cohesive piece of art.

For this article, the photographer and illustrator worked closely together and communicated throughout the entire process.

Photo Story

Role: Photo Editor

This is an example of a "photo story" that the magazine can produce, with work from a couple photographers.

I knew Pawan was a good architectural photographer, so I assigned him, and I knew Lloyd had a good, creative eye.

More than news photos, I also coordinated portraits and conceptual illustrations. Some of our photographers are great at inventing ways of visually illustrating ideas.

Role: Photo Editor


Role: Photo Editor

Every year Reporter organizes coverage of the annual Mud Tug event.

I urged the entire staff to take pictures, training them on how to capture the energy of the event. 

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